List of Star Tattoo Ideas – Different Types of Styles and Each of Their Meanings

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Published: 17th November 2010
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So you already decided on getting a star tattoo, but you are uncertain on which type. It is common to be unsure as there are a large selection of different stars and styles. Before you choose one at random, learn more about the meaning behind each star and hopefully it will help you with your decision. Below is a list of several star tattoo ideas and their meanings.

Shooting Stars

The first of several different types of star tattoo ideas are shooting stars. Shooting stars are one of the most common tattoos that people tend to get. It is popular because it looks elegant on the body and can be incorporated into a larger tattoo by blending the designs together. With a group of stars in one area of the body, it is always an eye opener to others. But besides the appearance, it is popular because it holds an important meaning in a person’s life.

Shooting star tattoos represent a moment in a person’s life that they find memorable. Significant events that impact one’s life such as a first kiss or receiving a job promotion can be represented by shooting stars. Similar to watching shooting stars fly by rapidly through the night sky, that one moment will be forever etched in the viewers mind.

Nautical Star

Back in the day before navigation systems were created, people travelled by following the stars, in particular the North Star. It is commonly believed that as long as a person follows the North Star, it will lead them back home. And so, people now get nautical star tattoos because it symbolizes protection and guidance in their life. Or to those who are superstitious, a nautical star also represents the hope of always finding your way home safely.


It is important to understand that there are two meanings on a pentagram tattoo, and that depends on whether the pentagram is pointing upwards or downwards. In a religious sense, a pentagram that is pointing downwards symbolizes the Devil. This is because the downward pointing pentagram resembles a ram’s head, which is a symbol of the Devil.

A pentagram pointing upwards represents protection and balance. Each point of the star represents the four elements; earth, wind, water and fire; leaving the fifth point of the star (the top point) to represent spirit.

The Star of David

The Star of David or also known as the Shield of David is a six-pointed star. This star represents the interaction of the Divine with mankind. This star is an important religious symbol in Judaism. Each point of the star symbolizes a day of the week and the center represents Sabbath.


The septagram or the seven-pointed star holds two meanings. The first meaning is that the septagram is known as the Elven star or the fairy star. This is because it is a symbol of Wiccans, and Wiccans follow the Feri (Faery) tradition. It is normally seen as a symbol of magic and childhood.

Another meaning of a septagram is represented by the number of points on this star which is seven. The number seven is known universally as a lucky or magical number. Hence the Seven Wonders of the World, lucky 7’s on a slot machine and anything else alike.

Does any of the above star tattoo ideas represent you? If so, your next step is to choose a design that best relate to your style. Select from hundreds of other star designs at

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