Star Tattoo Designs What Do They Mean And Why You Should Get One

Published: 29th June 2011
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Star tattoos designs are one of the most popular types of tattoo seen widely inked on the people including celebrities. The reason for its popularity is caused by the fact that stars are more than a simple sparkle in the sky. They have multiple important meanings behind each five-pointed polygon. When we think of these luminous figures hovering up above, we tend to envision big hopes and dreams. In fact, stars even symbolize wishes, hence the trend of making a wish when spotting a shooting star soaring through the sky. But more importantly, stars is a figure of beauty and elegance and will always look amazing when tattooed anywhere on your body.

There is an abundance of choices when it comes to a tattoo of stars. To name a few, there are shooting stars, nautical stars, pentagram, and much more. Star tattoo designs can be as simple as a single lone shape inked across your upper arm, to a more sophisticated cluster of shooting stars riding up your rib cage. Additionally, stars can be easily incorporated with another image to create a more custom and unique design. There are endless possibilities and choices with each design symbolizing the many significant meanings of a star.

An alternative meaning of stars comes from its secondary definition; otherwise known as a celebrity. Celebrities tend to maintain a positive image in popular media which is why we respect and idolize them greatly. They are a perfect example of success and aspirations; something we all dream of having one day. Since celebrities are admired so significantly, some individuals choose a star tattoo because they picture themselves as a "star." Also, a star can be used as a representation of a person who is highly important in your life. It can be someone who you dearly love or that special person who influences your life greatly. It is common to see people relate to this particular reason when getting a tattoo. Throughout your lifetime, you are bound to experience someone special whether they are a close family member or even a teacher or mentor.

The best part about star tattoos is that it is not for a specific gender only. It is common to see both males and females with a star inked anywhere on their body because they always look attractive. With a variety of different meaning and designs, what's not to love about star tattoos?

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